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2013: May the Force be with you!

Een gezond, gelukkig en open 2013 voor iedereen! Laten we proosten op het voornemen om ons niet langer de kaas van het brood te laten eten, door welke kwade krachten dan ook. Ter inspiratie verwijs ik hier naar een bijdrage die Eric Hellman gisteren publiceerde: 2012: Libraries Not Dead Yet.

Libraries themselves faced threats from all sides. In some cases, librarians were sacrificed before the  altar of apparent change, but most of the people saw them as bastions of hope in difficult times. Even when hundreds of thousands of website clamor for eyeballs, people still look to libraries for guidance and shelter. Library usage has actually increased. Maybe it's because so many bookstores have closed, and libraries remain a last refuge of the book lover. Maybe it's the free internet without the incessant Starbucks music. Maybe it's the author at the next table that nobody's ever heard of.
Jeff Bezos is not the Dark Lord and he's unlikely to issue Order 66 to his army of Kindles. The Random Penguin is not erecting an impenetrable ebook blockade around libraries. But the times ahead will see many more institutions fall into irrelevance and decay, and will see others find new and greater purposes. For 2013, we can't rely on high midi-chlorian counts or light sabers. We have to build some new things. But that Deathstar isn't going away all by itself

Of om met Yoda te spreken: "Always in motion the future is"

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